A Flying Visit to Singapore

Just a quick 40 hour stopover in Singapore to break up the flight. But oh my, what a beautiful 40 hours it was! After initially catching up on sleep I headed out to explore. Admittedly not much drawing was done but I took plenty of photos so this post’s a bit photo heavy.

I spent the majority of my stay in the Gardens by the Bay; exploring the domes, gardens & Supertrees; 360 degree views of the city from the Supertree Observatory; watching the city & gardens light up as the sun set - it was a feast for the eyes! A quick walk around Chinatown on the first evening to find some delicious dumplings and then a trip to Little India and Haji Lane for lunch on the second day and my visit was complete. No drawings left here but I’ve been working on some for Perth which will be revealed soon. I hope you enjoy the pics.

Little India, pen & watercolour.

A view from the Supertree Observatory, pen & watercolour.

A Supertree looking particularly stunning!

Another Supertree, from the Supertree Observatory.

Gardens by the Bay from the river.

Another view of the gardens, it was just so enchanting lit up that I‘ve struggled to narrow the photos down!

Singapore across the river.

Inside the Cloud Forest dome, Gardens by the Bay.

Some of the many succulents on show, if only mine back at home looked as healthy!

Mark Quinn’s 9x3m, 7 tonne baby sculpture in Gardens by the Bay. Modelled on his son.

Discovering there was such an animal as a Pig-nosed Turtle was a real highlight. Fortunatley, unlike the real thing, the statues stayed still so I could take a photo!

The South African garden featuring some more glorious sculptures.

Just a sloth chilling amongst the orchids.

A few sculptures from outside an art gallery to compensate for my lack of drawing!

Haji Lane.

Finally, no travel blog is complete without at least one food pic! So this was a devine chicken curry from near Haji Lane.