Hi! I'm Jessica Sian, an Illustration Artist with a passion for painting buildings, beautiful landscapes and the odd sports stadium. That place that means the most to you? I can paint it!


I've loved to draw for as long as I can remember. Over the last few years I've discovered the joy it can bring to people to receive a hand drawn illustration of somewhere special to them, be that their wedding venue, favourite sports ground or a memorable holiday spot. 


In March 2020 it was time for a change, I left my full time job and set off travelling with my sketchbook. Unfortunately 3 weeks in I had to return home (we all know the Corona story so I won't dwell on that), but I returned home with fresh inspiration to build a business out of my passion. Since then I've poured a whole lot of love into dozens of illustrations and planning where to go next! 


If you have a commission in mind please drop me a message here or check out my shop. Follow my journey over on Instagram @jessica_sian_ for all the latest updates!


Would rather find me in person than shop online? Here's a full list of the markets I'll be at in November and December.



You can also find a selection of my pieces in The Pop-Up Club on Bond Street in Chelmsford,The Pop-Up Club in Southside, Wandsworth, at Artisan's Hub in Blake House Craft Centre, Blake End, in The Cactus Club on the Thoroughfare in Woodbridge and in Love Local on Layer Road in Colchester.

Jessica Sian artist sat on a bench drawing.


Legal Disclaimer:
All sport artwork sold on jessicasian.com is 100% Unofficial. The designs are made by a fan for other fans. jessicasian.com is the website and online store for Jessica Sian Illustration and is not associated with any sporting organisation.