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Hi! I'm Jessica Sian, an Illustration Artist with a passion for painting buildings, beautiful landscapes and the odd sports stadium. That place that means the most to you? I can paint it!


I've loved to draw for as long as I can remember. Over the last few years I've discovered the joy it can bring to people to receive a hand drawn illustration of somewhere special to them, be that their wedding venue, favourite sports ground or a memorable holiday spot. 


In March 2020 it was time for a change, I left my full time job and set off travelling with my sketchbook. Unfortunately 3 weeks in I had to return home (we all know the Corona story so I won't dwell on that), but I returned home with fresh inspiration to build a business out of my passion. Since then I've poured a whole lot of love into dozens of illustrations and planning where to go next! 


If you have a commission in mind please drop me a message here or check out my shop. Follow my journey over on Instagram @jessica_sian_ for all the latest updates!

Jessica Sian artist sat on a bench drawing.


Legal Disclaimer:
All sport artwork sold on is 100% Unofficial. The designs are made by a fan for other fans. is the website and online store for Jessica Sian Illustration and is not associated with any sporting organisation.