The Wonderful Island of Rottnest

This was going in my Perth post but as there were a couple of drawings from the day, and a lot of photos, I thought I’d split it out.

The island was a 1hr45 ferry ride from central Perth, plenty of time to admire the scenery and draw the view of Elizabeth Quay from the boat! This drawing has been left down by the ferry port to be found.

Once on the island I hired a bike and cycled along the coast, admiring the views and stopping off to swim when it got a bit too hot! When I needed a break from the cycling and swimming I pulled out the sketchbook, I’m not normally one for drawing landscapes but it was what was in front of me. I rather like this more minimalist approach, letting the blank spaces speak for themselves. It feels like it reflects the vastness of the island too - going on a Thursday it wasn’t too busy and I had a beach to myself on a few occasions!

And now for the photos. I can see why everyone is so in love with the place now, I only wish I could have stayed longer than the day!