Time For a New Adventure

Hi! I'm Jess, the person behind Jessica Siân. I thought a little introduction would be fitting for my first blog post...

As you may know I graduated from Decorative Arts at Nottingham Trent University in the summer of 2016. Since then I've worked as an Assistant Buyer full time alongside being an Illustrator. Whilst I've loved training to become a Buyer, I think it's healthy to take a break every now and then to focus on the things that make you happy...cue this next adventure!

Like many people, I love to travel. The world is so full of breathtaking views that it seems a shame not to get out there and explore! Another passion is drawing. I find it therapeutic, it forces you to really look at something, to focus on just that object or scene and be in the moment. It's also a way of documenting moments without words, but with a sense of character that photographs sometime lack. Whilst working I've been taking commissions and building a portfolio of illustrations. I've learnt that it brings me so much joy knowing that someone has a piece of my work, in their home, that they treasure.

So for this next adventure I want to combine the two. I'm off to backpack around Australia and Vietnam for 3 months and I'll be taking my sketchbook with me! I want to create a visual record of where I've been whilst also engaging more people in my work. I'm aiming to leave a trail of artwork that will hopefully brighten the day of whoever finds it. The drawings I leave behind will be a series of postcard sized illustrations with details explaining this project and how to contact me. I'll leave these in cafes, bars, hostel, tied to lamp posts or benches - wherever I've been inspired to draw! My hope is that if someone finds the drawing and likes it, they'll take it home and then share with me where it has ended up.

I'll update this blog as I go with photos of the drawings, along with those that stayed in my sketchbook, and what I've been up to aside from drawing. With a couple of weeks until I fly I'm going to leave a few locally first so keep an eye out!

On my last day at work I left the owners a drawing of the office. I guess, without realising, that was the first drawing of this journey. So here it is, the converted chicken shed in Rayne where I've spent the past 2 and a half years!

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoy following me on this journey.